Clegg: May Taking Britain out of World’s Largest Borderless Market

Nick Clegg, former Deputy Prime Minister and now Liberal Democrat European Union spokesperson, has attacked Theresa May for her decision to take Britain out of the Single Market and towards a Hard Brexit. It is, he says, a kick in the teeth for the youth of Britain.

Nick Clegg said: "On the same day that the leader of the world’s largest communist party publicly lectures the world on the virtues of free trade, Theresa May has finally turned her back on Margaret Thatcher's greatest economic achievement, the world's largest borderless single market. It’s an astonishing mutation from Conservative into UKIP-light.

"By siding with Donald Trump and against Angela Merkel, Theresa May has made it inevitable that the rest of the EU will react by safeguarding the integrity of the EU itself. Throwing the gauntlet down against the rest of Europe, the PM is virtually guaranteeing that acrimony rather than compromise will prevail.

"The Prime Minister has pledged to act in the interests of the young and future generations. Yet she has now set herself on a course which emphatically rejects what the overwhelming majority of young voters said they wanted in the Brexit referendum. Claiming to represent the interests of the young whilst pursuing a hard Brexit which will damage their interests will only deepen the generational divide highlighted by the Brexit referendum. This speech is a kick in the teeth for the youth of Britain."



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