"Pause for thought" on flood defences - Nick Clegg MP

Following a report by the Rural Affairs Select Committee, Sheffield Hallam MP Nick Clegg has raised concerns about Sheffield's own Flood Strategy.

On 1st November, the Rural Affairs select committee published a report which said the Government's current flood management arrangements are "fragmented, inefficient and ineffective" and called for the use of more natural measures to prevent flooding such as natural methods, like planting trees or dredging rivers and gulleys.

The report criticized the National Flood Resilience Review, which the Sheffield flood scheme is a pilot of, and called for the use of more natural measures to prevent flooding.

The Government have given Sheffield the funding to spend before 2021 forcing them to do something quickly, which might not be the best long term option. 

Nick Clegg MP said 

"We desperately need to protect Sheffield from flooding, but this report shows that natural solutions, such as planting trees and slowing the flow of water with natural dams need to be an important part of the way forward, rather than the Government's current approach.

 "I hope that Sheffield City Council will be pausing for thought this morning about their own flood defense scheme and think again before any embankments are built and ancient woodlands are potentially destroyed in areas such as the Rivelin Valley and Gillyfield Wood in Totley."



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