"So much for compassionate Conservatism" - Nick Clegg reaction to free school meals being scrapped

The Liberal Democrats have reacted angrily to news that the Conservative manifesto will announce that the Tories intend to scrap universal free school meals.

Nick Clegg, candidate for Sheffield Hallam, who introduced free school meals as part of the Coalition Government said

 “The Lib Dems provided a free hot meal at lunchtime for all children in the first three years at primary school, many of whom are from poorer families. We did that not only to help the health and education of our smallest school children but also to save hard pressed families a considerable amount of money.

"By snatching those meals away and forcing families to pay hundreds of pounds per year for school lunches Theresa May will hit low income working families the hardest. So much for compassionate Conservatism, so much for helping the 'just about managing'.

"MPs will need to vote in the next Parliament to undo the legislation we passed to provide infants with free meals under the Coalition. Every Conservative candidate in every constituency must now come clean: will they troop through the lobbies to take away free lunches from the children of hard pressed families? Or will they have the decency and courage to stop the Conservatives from becoming the party of lunch snatchers?"



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