Clegg on Lib Dem amendment to give people a vote on final Brexit deal

Liberal Democrat MPs have tabled amendments to the Article 50 Bill demanding a people's vote is held on the final Brexit deal, that the government must commit to securing Britain’s membership of the Single Market and that EU nationals living in the UK are guaranteed the right to remain.

According to an amendment tabled by Liberal Democrat MPs including Tim Farron and Nick Clegg, a vote should be held with the question on the ballot paper asking voters if they support the new proposed agreement with the EU, or if they want the UK to remain a member of the EU.

The party have also tabled an amendment to make it the Government’s official objective to remain in the Single Market by joining the European Economic Area after Brexit.

Liberal Democrat European Union Spokesperson Nick Clegg commented:

“We must ensure that at the end of the negotiating process, the British people get to choose whether they want to stay in the EU or accept the government’s deal.

"Someone will say 'yes' or 'no' to this deal: the question is will it be Theresa May or the public?

“Our priority is to ensure the people get the final say.”



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