Grit bin petition hits 2,000 signatures


Nick Clegg’s petition to restore the 272 grit bins removed by Labour run Sheffield council has now passed 2,000 signatures.

The grit bins were removed despite huge opposition from residents, and the Council admit themselves that the cost saving is a paltry £10k per year.

Sheffield Hallam MP Nick Clegg said:

“The number of people signing the petition shows the strength of feeling about the lack of grit bins in Sheffield. Dozens of people have been in contact to tell me how they’d be happy to clear their own pavements if they had access to grit, but the Council has prevented that by removing over 250 grit bins that residents rely on, in order to save just £10,000 a year.

“With the recent bad weather, it is really important that people are safe when travelling around. For the very small amount of money the council are saving, they could help Sheffield residents by backing our plans to restore the number of grit bins.”

You can sign Nick's petition here

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