Lib Dems call on Labour to unite on HS2 location

The Sheffield Liberal Democrats have called on South Yorkshire Labour leaders to unite over the HS2 location following Business Minister Anna Soubry's comments published in The Sheffield Telegraph that Sheffield risks losing out on a HS2 station altogether because the Labour Council and Labour MPs can't agree on where it should be.


Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Sheffield City Council Shaffaq Mohammed said "As the Leader of Sheffield City Council Julie Dore needs to show some leadership for once and gather her MPs and the other Labour Council leaders together and persuade them that the city centre has the best potential for economic growth for the Sheffield City Region."

Nick Clegg, MP for Sheffield Hallam said "Unfortunately this new does not come as surprise. When I have been in discussions with ministers they have told me they are very disappointed by the behavior of South Yorkshire Labour leaders who are more concerned with getting one over on each other than working together for the benefit of the whole City Region.
Labour need to stop fighting themselves and start fighting for  Sheffield City Region to get the HS2 station in needs in the City Centre."

Paul Scriven, Liberal Democrat peer said "Labour need to sort themselves out and stand up united to defend the Sheffield City Region's economic future.

"The Liberal Democrats are clear a City Centre Station is the best option. I made that clear in a meeting with the Chair of HS2 only last week."



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