Local MP welcomes funding for Sheffield Children's Hopital

In the budget today it was announced that Sheffield Children's Hospital will receive £700,000 of funding from banking fines.

Following pressure from Sheffield's Liberal Democrat MP, Nick Clegg, to use banking fines to help Sheffield Children's Hospital, the Chancellor announced today (16/03/16) that fines from the Libor banking scandal will be used to support children's hospital services in Sheffield, along with Manchester, Birmingham and Southampton.

Nick Clegg had written to George Osborne in December asking that Sheffield’s Children’s Hospital, along with other specialist children’s hospitals, receive equal consideration to Great Ormond Street in the next round of funding announcements from banking fines in the March budget.

George Osborne pledged in his autumn statement last year to match the Christmas Appeal of Great Ormond Street Hospital up to a ‘cap’ of £1.5 million with the money the government receives through LIBOR fines.

Nick received a reply in January from George Osborne stating that Sheffield Children’s Hospital's proposals will be given ‘the fullest consideration’ for the next round of funding, along with other good causes.

Nick Clegg, MP for Sheffield Hallam said

"This is fantastic news for Sheffield Children's Hospital and shows the chancellor has listened to my arguments that all our country’s specialist children’s hospitals get the funding they need."



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