Conservative tax hike to hit almost 38,000 self-employed workers in Sheffield

The Liberal Democrats have attacked the Conservative government’s plans to raise taxes on the self-employed, as figures reveal Sheffield Hallam will be among the hardest hit areas in the country. 

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Clegg: May's hardline position has raised hackles across Europe

Liberal Democrat EU Spokesperson Nick Clegg met with Liberal Prime Ministers and leaders in Brussels today ahead of the EU summit.

Following the meeting, Nick Clegg commented:

"Brexit was the key preoccupation for the seven Liberal prime ministers around the table.

"No-one thought that there would be an easy path to a post-Brexit nirvana of the kind that Theresa May has promised the British people.

"The PM will rapidly discover that her hardline position has raised hackles across Europe and increased the chances of a bad deal."

Clegg: new figures show UK reliance on EU workers

Ahead of a crucial vote in the House of Lords today on the right to remain, Nick Clegg has seized on figures showing the dependence of the UK economy on EU nationals.

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Clegg: Leaked White Paper shows EU serious about reform

Responding to a paper from the European Commission outlining five options for the future of the EU, including 'nothing but the single market,' Liberal Democrat EU Spokesperson Nick Clegg said:

"This paper shows that, contrary to the claims of the Brexiteers, the EU is serious about the need for reform.
“Theresa May's pursuit of a hard Brexit will make Britain's voice even more irrelevant as wider changes unfold in Europe."

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Nick Clegg's comments on prison reform

Nick Clegg has called for cross-party co-operation to tackle prison overcrowding.

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Clegg: MPs must be able to reject Brexit deal and send Govt back to negotiating table

Commenting on the Government's announcement MPs will be given a vote on the Brexit deal before it is put to the European Parliament, Liberal Democrat European Union Spokesperson Nick Clegg said:

“This concession from the government could still put MPs in an invidious position, faced with a choice between a bad deal and no deal at all.

"It is not good enough for the government to offer Parliament a hard Brexit or an even harder Brexit.
“For any final vote amongst MPs to be meaningful, Parliament must be granted the power to send the government back to the negotiating table if the deal they put forward is not good enough.
“Furthermore, this shouldn’t just be a decision for Westminster. The British people must be given a final say, with the option to reject the deal and stay in the EU."

Clegg on Lib Dem amendment to give people a vote on final Brexit deal

Liberal Democrat MPs have tabled amendments to the Article 50 Bill demanding a people's vote is held on the final Brexit deal, that the government must commit to securing Britain’s membership of the Single Market and that EU nationals living in the UK are guaranteed the right to remain.

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Clegg: more than half of Sheffield's exports go to the EU.

New research for the Centre for Cities shows that Sheffield exports 5 times as much to the EU as it does to the US, and 28 times more than it does to China.

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Rustlings Road charges dropped

Local MP Nick Clegg has welcomed the news that the charges against the 3 Rustlings Road protestors have been dropped by the prosecution.

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Clegg: May Taking Britain out of World’s Largest Borderless Market

Nick Clegg, former Deputy Prime Minister and now Liberal Democrat European Union spokesperson, has attacked Theresa May for her decision to take Britain out of the Single Market and towards a Hard Brexit. It is, he says, a kick in the teeth for the youth of Britain.

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Keep Sheffield Green

Keep Sheffield Green

Nick Clegg is fighting to protect Sheffield's trees and green spaces - will you join him?

Fair Deal for Council Tax Payers

Fair Deal for Council Tax Payers

Nick Clegg is campaigning for a fair deal for Sheffield's Council Tax Payers