Clegg on report that 900,000 poor children hit by May school meals plan

Nick Clegg, former Liberal Democrat Deputy Prime Minister and architect of the free school meals programme, has reacted angrily to a report showing that 900,000 poor children will by hit Conservative plans on free school meals. Theresa May was dubbed the “lunch snatcher” by Liberal Democrats in the wake of the Conservative manifesto launch.

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Clegg comments on Brexit timetable

Reports today suggest that Brexit negotiations will start on 19 June, 11 days after a historical General Election. 

It is understood that the EU's Chief Negotiator hopes to start by dealing with citizens’ rights, the UK’s divorce bill and on the border of Ireland.

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"So much for compassionate Conservatism" - Nick Clegg reaction to free school meals being scrapped

The Liberal Democrats have reacted angrily to news that the Conservative manifesto will announce that the Tories intend to scrap universal free school meals.

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Lib Dems would give £527 pay rise to nurses in Sheffield to address staffing shortages

Liberal Democrats have announced they would end years of pay restraint for nurses, teachers and police in Sheffield by lifting the 1% cap on public sector pay and increases wages in line with inflation.

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Sheffield Hallam to be one of the 20 worst hit constituencies in the country under proposed National Funding Formula

Sheffield Hallam is set to become one of the areas with the worst funded schools under Tory plans.

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Lib Dems announce £1bn of funding to transform mental health care

The Liberal Democrats have today announced that £1 billion of the party's additional health funding would be spent tackling the "historic injustice" faced by people with mental ill health.

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Lib Dems will invest £35,984,971 to protect school funding in Sheffield

The Liberal Democrats have announced they will invest £35,984,971 more in schools and colleges in Sheffield over the next parliament.

The funding for Sheffield would reverse cuts to frontline school and college budgets, protect per pupil funding in real terms and ensure no school loses out from changes to funding arrangements.

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Lib Dems penny for NHS would raise £103.7m extra for Sheffield

The Liberal Democrats have announced they would plug funding gaps for the NHS and social care by putting a penny on income tax, in their first major manifesto commitment of the election campaign.

The tax would raise an additional £103.7m for Sheffield, with £84m for the NHS and £19.7m for social care each year.

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HS2 could be delayed - Nick Clegg reacts

Responding to reports the Conservative manifesto may include a pause to HS2 to save money for Brexit, Liberal Democrat MP for Sheffield Hallam Nick Clegg said

"Just when it looked as if plans were finally moving forward to develop the much-needed Sheffield HS2 station, the Conservatives are now looking at delaying HS2 to pay for their divisive hard Brexit plans.

"The Conservatives know the hard Brexit being pursued by Theresa May, outside the Single Market, is set to blow a hole in the nation's finances.

"This myopic decision shows the Conservatives can't be trusted to deliver for Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

"This election is a chance for people in Sheffield to change the direction of our country, prevent a hard Brexit and protect spending on public services and infrastructure."

Nick Clegg confirms he will stand in snap General Election

Nick Clegg has confirmed that he will be standing as the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate in Sheffield Hallam.

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