Nick Clegg re-selected to represent Sheffield Hallam

Nick Clegg was re-selected overwhelmingly by local party members as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Sheffield Hallam in the event of a snap General Election.

The Liberal Democrats have led the calls for a General Election to be called since the referendum on the basis that we have a new Government with a new agenda which should seek a mandate from the public.

“I am really proud to have been selected again to run as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Sheffield Hallam,” said Nick Clegg.

Nationally the country is in crisis. Both the Conservatives and Labour are focused entirely on in-fighting while the economy worsens, threatening jobs, public services and our efforts to build the houses Britain so badly needs.

“The Liberal Democrats are the only party committed to protecting Britain’s role in the heart of Europe and have committed to fighting a future General Election on that platform.

“The Conservatives have destroyed their reputation for economic competence with this reckless EU referendum. Labour has given up even trying to speak to the British people, and is engaged in a vicious fight with itself. We, meanwhile, are selecting candidates in key seats.

“Only the Liberal Democrats are an open, optimistic and united party committed to spreading opportunity for the next generation and focus on re-building the British economy to protect jobs and services.”



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