Nick Clegg welcomes HS2 news

Nick Clegg has welcomed the announcment that Sheffield city centre will be serviced by a HS2 line.

Nick Clegg said: "Today's announcement is a sensible solution to a complex problem. Having discussed the need for a city centre station in Sheffield with Sir David Higgins, Patrick McLoughlin and other Ministers over several months I am pleased that Sir David and his team have come up with a practical, affordable approach which will provide high speed services between Sheffield and London twice an hour and will avoid the hugely expensive engineering challenges of the original proposal to locate a station at Meadowhall. 

"From the moment that an HS3 link between Manchester-Leeds-Sheffield was floated, I felt it was essential that a city centre alternative to the original Meadowhall proposal should be found. City-centre to city-centre connections are crucial to the Government's faltering vision for a Northern Powerhouse, so it is good news that we appear to be edging towards a city centre solution located in Sheffield."



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