Plans to restore grit bins rejected by Labour

Labour run Sheffield Council last night rejected Liberal Democrat plans to replace 121 grit bins that were removed to save just £10,000.

A motion put forward by Liberal Democrat Councillors that would have restored the grit bins was shot down by Labour Councillors, who insisted that the situation did not need rectifying.

This was despite protestations from members of the public that Labour’s plans had ‘condemned us to be housebound.’

Liberal Democrat Group Leader Cllr Colin Ross said:

“The Labour Party aren’t just ignoring our pleas, they’re also rejecting the wishes of the people they claim to represent, who couldn’t have been more clear at the meeting that they felt let down.

“The Labour party proposals save just £10k, which is a meagre £82 per bin. They really need to rethink these plans and reinstate the grit bins so that local people can clear the pavements outside their house and avoid serious injury.”

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