UCAS figures show university application rates up across Sheffield, says Nick Clegg


There has been a 5% increase in the number of people from Sheffield attending University, new UCAS figures out today show. The figures also reveal that a record number of 18 year olds from disadvantaged backgrounds are now attending university across the country.

In 2010, 23% of eligible Sheffield 18 year olds entered higher education, while the figure now stands at 28%. The constituency of Sheffield Central has seen the largest increase in the entire country, jumping from 7% application rate in 2010 to 25% in 2014.

This is part of a wider national trend, as applications nationally are at an all time high. In addition, 21% of young people from disadvantaged areas now apply to higher education, the highest level on record.

Commenting, Sheffield Hallam MP Nick Clegg said:

“It is great that Sheffield has had such a large increase in student applications, especially from 18 year olds from disadvantaged backgrounds. I am proud that we are sending more people to University than ever before to learn the vital skills we need to build a stronger economy and fairer society.

“Liberal Democrats didn’t win the election and couldn’t implement our policy, so what we did instead was design a system with no up front fees, a payment threshold so no one paid back a penny until they were earning £21,000 and lower monthly repayments than the previous system.

“Despite all the fury and rhetoric by our opponents, this proves that the system is working. Application numbers are up, applications from disadvantaged backgrounds are up and the total number of acceptances is at the highest ever level.”

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