Welfare & Unemployment

Opportunity and Responsibility

The Liberal Democrats are working to create a fair welfare system. One that gives people opportunities to find work, but makes sure that they take responsibility for using those opportunities by working hard. In Government we have:

  • Made work pay by giving low paid workers a £700 tax cut - and working to increase this to £800.
  • Introduced a benefits cap so nobody can get more than the average working family, but we are withdrawing benefits more gradually, so people aren’t worse off if they get a low paid job.

Labour spent years throwing taxpayers money at the welfare system with no real plan to help people find work. They ended up trapping people on benefits, where they would get more money being unemployed than they would in a job.

Left to themselves, the Conservatives would not create a fair welfare system. The Liberal Democrats have stopped their plans to scrap child benefit for ordinary families with more than two children, and to prevent young people from getting housing benefit, even if they are in a low paid job.



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