Delivering Better Roads for Sheffield

Nick Clegg has secured funding from the Coalition Government to provide £1.2 billion to bring all of Sheffield’s roads up to standard by 2017.

Under the scheme over 1,000 miles of roads will be resurfaced and maintained – street lights and pavements are also being improved.


In addition, 200 local jobs have been created due to this investment.

Local people are already showing their support for the road resurfacing project.

Neil, from Stannington said, “Our roads were left to crumble for years under Labour, now thanks to Nick Clegg they’re finally getting sorted”.

Julia, from Lodge Moor added, “Cycling in Sheffield wasn’t much fun with so many potholes to dodge! It’s a lot safer and smoother now, thanks to Nick Clegg”.

You can find out when road repairs are taking place in your area by following the link below to the Council’s website:

The contract is being managed by Amey and Sheffield City Council. If you have any problems with the implementation, please call their hotline on 0114 273 4567.

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