Clegg urges Council to save Rustlings Road trees

Lib Dem MP for Sheffield Hallam Nick Clegg has written to Sheffield City Council’s cabinet member for Transport and the Environment, Cllr Terry Fox, to urge him to reconsider plans to fell a series of mature trees on Rustlings Road, alongside Endcliffe Park.


On Friday 5th June, Nick Clegg and local Lib Dem councillors met with a group of 60 local residents to walk along Rustlings Road and view the trees which are earmarked for felling. Campaigners are due to meet Cllr Fox on Monday to discuss the plans in greater detail. 

Nick’s letter calls for: 

  •  A two month moratorium on the felling of mature trees in Sheffield
  •  A review of the council’s policy on trees, preferably with the involvement of an independent tree specialist
  •  The publication of the council’s road resurfacing contract with Amy

Writing to Cllr Fox about the trees on Rustlings Road, Nick said:

“To me, there seems to be no rational reason as to why these trees should be taken down – these trees help to make Sheffield such a green, welcoming place to live and visit and Sheffield City Council should seek to do everything within its power to preserve them.”

“Crucially, I feel that this is a citywide issue. There are many trees which are reaching maturity in Sheffield, having been planted many years previously, and this is an appropriate time to ask whether more efforts should be made to keep them.”

You can read Nick’s full letter here.

You can sign the petition here

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