Nick Clegg Reaffirms Support of Mark Zuckerberg on Twitter

Nick Clegg was trending on Twitter on the 8th after he had tweeted a Facebook message supporting Mark Zuckerberg’s move at Facebook to ban / suspend Donald Trump on Facebook.

More directly, Nick Clegg reaffirmed the Facebook boss and said:

After yesterday’s violence at the U.S. Capitol, we’ve determined that the risks of allowing President Trump to continue using our service are simply too great.

Nick Clegg

The move to block the President on social media was after the violence that occurred in the U.S Capitol where 5 people died and more were seriously injured on January, 6th 2021.

Social media giants like Facebook have been announcing bans on Mr. Trump’s social media profiles – with Twitter even going as far as removing content on the @POTUS handle.

2 replies on “Nick Clegg Reaffirms Support of Mark Zuckerberg on Twitter”

It comes as no surprise to me that a ‘liberal’ in the modern mould should be so supportive of oppression; especially when the continued receipt of a flunkey’s fat salary depends upon it.

By the way, your wife is ‘Lady Clegg’ not ‘Lady Miriam Clegg’. Get it right, Boy.

Nick Clegg your Facebook role is a badge of dishonour. You have no shame, no ethics and no self-respect. You are only in it for the Zuckerberg dollar. What a pity, I used to think you were among the less flawed politicians, but now realise that you are as venal and hollowed out as the next money- grubbing hypocrite.

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