What is Nick Clegg’s Salary & Net Worth?

As Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg would have had a salary of about £134,565 annually according to BBC’s Newsbeat — not too shy of the £142,500 that then prime minister David Cameron would have received when they were in coalition together.

He’s since moved on from his political era into the world of the private sector, and is enjoying the monetary benefits that come forthwith.

How much is Nick Clegg making at Facebook as VP?

It’s reported that Nick Clegg is earning about £498,289 annually for his role as ‘Vice President, Global Affairs & Communications’, a steep increase from his old salary as Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

On his move to the US, he also bought a luxury house for his family in late 2018 for £7m:

Nick Clegg’s house in Atherton, near San Francisco, California

He also owns a townhouse in London worth about £2 million:

Nick Clegg’s £2million townhouse in South West London

What is Nick Clegg’s Networth?

It’s no secret that Nick Clegg is clearly well off, and according to the website Celebrity Net Worth, his assumed net worth is about $4m/ £3m million.

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